Investing in our schools means an investment in our students, our staff, and the future. Donations to The Muir PTA directly support teachers, staff and students. The PTA is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. Donations are tax deductible. Learn how we spend our money, check out the PTA goals here.

Ways to Donate:

1) Pay online with PayPal: 

(When making a walk-a-thon pledge online, please enter your student’s name in the “Purpose” field in the page that comes up after you click the Donate with Paypal button)


2) Write a check, payable to John Muir PTA. Mail to: 3301 S Horton St., Seattle, WA 98144. Or send it into school with your student or leave in the PTA drop-box in the school’s main office.

Your contribution really makes a difference! Consider this:

  • $30 will buy school supplies for one student

  • $75 will provide a literacy tutor for one student for an entire school year

  • $50/month will pay for one teacher to receive semi-monthly coaching on Powerful Writing

  • $100/month will fund one teacher’s participation in Zeno’s (formerly Explorations in Math) 36-week, two-hour, teacher development curriculum, so that teacher can become more effective at teaching math to our students

Your contribution sends an important message to John Muir faculty that they are valued and supported.  Please give, support and invest in our school. Thank you!


What the PTA Supports

Like so many public schools, John Muir faces serious budget cuts due to decisions made at the state and local levels. The Muir PTA compensates by allocating resources – volunteer hours and donations – to help close funding gaps at our school. The PTA recognizes four important areas where we can help and they are: Learn, Explore, Celebrate and Advocate.

LEARN: Enrich classroom learning experiences through generous volunteer and financial support.

EXPLORE: Create opportunities for student discovery and exploration.

CELEBRATE: Celebrate and gather as a community.

ADVOCATE: Ensure a safe, fully funded learning environment for Muir students.